Petrit Halilaj

Art Center

Fri 13 Feb 2016 at 2 pm

Friends of Birds

sound installation

As an echo to his working environment, Halilaj asked friends to record sounds as if they wanted to and were able to communicate with birds and he then diffused these strange sounds in public places.

Animal motifs, particularly birds, are omnipresent in Petrit Halilaj’s work. After creating For the Birds, an installation he realised with Alvaro Urbano, Halilaj asked friends to record sounds as if they wanted to and were able to communicate with birds. These strange sounds can be heard in public places. They mirror the artist’s working environment; he shares his studio with canaries that he talks to, studies, and whose songs he imitates.


Petrit Halilaj learnt to draw as a teenager in a refugee camp during the war in Kosovo. His memories of a childhood spent in the countryside and his personal experience of war, destruction and displacement are the basis of his reflections about life and the human condition. Although he draws on concrete and material biographical elements, his work avoids pathos and is rooted in
research into trauma and the ways in which it can be represented in art. His combinations of earth and rubble, stuffed animals covered in mud, live chickens and delicate drawings evoke a private and utopian universe in which the human being is objectified as being just like any other animal in the zoo, the works show his attempts at understanding such notions as “home”, “nation” and “cultural identity”.



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