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    Benjamin Seror, The Marsyas Hour, vector drawing, 2016

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    Art Center

    Fri 3 June 2017 at 7 pm - Théâtre

    Kapwani Kiwanga / Benjamin Seror

    a new series

    "Digressions" is a new series of publications from La Ferme du Buisson in partnership with Captures Éditions. In the discussion marking the launch of the first two titles artists Kapwani Kiwanga and Benjamin Seror talk about their personal museums.


    The Ferme du Buisson Centre for Contemporary art is launching a new series in partnership with the publishers Captures. Each year interviews with artists from the Art Centre programme will give readers an insight into the creative process. The first two titles, devoted to Benjamin Seror and Kapwani Kiwanga, will be presented on Performance Day, in the presence of the artists, publisher Valérie Cudel and graphic designer Claire Moreux.


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    duration 30 min


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    full rate 10 €

    concessions 8 €