Fri 2 June 2018 pm - Théâtre

The Seed Eaters

Made in collaboration with Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

With compositions by Linda Edsjo



Three "Non-performers" and a musician invite the viewer on stage to interpret a script addressing the concept of endings, with a focus on equality and interconnection.

The Seed Eaters (Noir) is a performance involving 12 sculptural sets and 24 mini-scenes activated by 3 performers. The theme of this "deconstructed play" whose players endlessly reverse roles is «The End»: illness, the life cycle of a swimsuit, the end of a celebratory evening. Here language, objects, instructions, and participants’ personalities all have equal value as they deconstruct established hierarchies in order to better connect.

Inspired by the awkward and sometimes dangerous space that separates strangers, The Seed Eaters (Noir) plants connections between people to engender collusion, teamwork and blind hope in a social and political moment when it feels like the world might be falling apart.

The actors are non-professionals and are accompanied in their procession by a musician and followed by the audience; together they activate vignettes previously scripted by the artist and her collaborators. At the end of the series they swap roles and change languages. Each performance is unique and the three presented at La Ferme du Buisson are three different interpretations. The sets and the performance space are then opened up as an exhibition, allowing spectators to approach the sculptures and play out the scenarios themselves.

Performance with activation protocol, 60 mins


in collaboration with Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

with the sound compositions by Linda Edsjö

with the participation of Wendy Choi, Nils Loret, Luis Ospina, Hicham Raji and Sabine Reungoat

with the costumes of Nicolette Henry

Emily Mast

Born in 1976 in the United States. Lives and works in Los Angeles.


Initially focused on performance, Emily Mast began with theatrical forms: Everything, Nothing, Something, Always (Walla!) at the Performa 09 biennial in New York and Peter Handke’s Offending The Audience with a cast of children. She then extended her range to museums via processional exhibitions and elaborate sets. With influences that include Guy de Cointet, Jacques Tati, Mike Kelley and Simone Forti, Mast has developed a distinctive use of casting, props, action and text.

Incorporating bodies in motion and (verbal and non-verbal) language, she exhibits uncertainty as live sculptural material. She creates a universe of signs to be deciphered by deconstructing the conventions governing our modes of communication. The result is a relentless interrogation of the way language is built and shaped, and of the collective production of meaning fuelled by otherness and misunderstandings.


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1:15pm Paris-Opéra Bastille > Ferme du Buisson

12:30am Ferme du Buisson > Paris-Opéra Bastille

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